We believe that a well told story has the ability to transform people and change the world.  

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Uncovering a unique story, whether hidden or in plain sight, is a great day for the people we are serving as well as us.

We believe our films are truly remarkable and worthy of attention and that they will be shared with others.  

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We gravitate toward people of vision and moxie. Those truly passionate in their mission.

Our stories transform brands into how they want the world to see them.


Recently, We looked for a way to tell a better stories then the rest of the videos out there. We were determined to stop blindly following  what was asked....the story topics that were on the surface. Instead we follow the true story, and dig deeper.  

So Alchemy took on a marathon storytelling adventure, and everyday discussed, interviewed, shot, edited, and posted a new documentary story everyday for 30 days straight.

Afterward, we ended up in a different place than expected.  More grounded in character through a person-first style of storytelling. 

If you believe like us, that stories can transform, then let's go tell a kick ass story. 

At the helm of it all is Alden, owner and storyteller, alongside his wife, Liddy, story producer and project manager.Depending on the scope of your project, our crew size can range from one to twenty from our storytelling team.  

Although they specialize in their field of aerial videography, original music composition, and lightning fast editing (to name a few), every member of our team is required to understand all aspects of production and learn them well.  So when a project is set into motion, each and everyone of us can work together and create the best outcome possible.