The Power of Storytelling Through Video


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, video content presents pictures to viewers at a rate of at least 24 frames per second, underlining the impact and power of this medium. For organizations in Kansas City trying to really grab the attention of a client, and for those who want to reflect the positive and professional manner of their business, video cannot be ignored.

The age of information has put an array of marketing tools directly into the hands of the masses, which means organizations are facing a competitive marketplace in which to get their voice heard. Not only does video content look great – and is much easier to digest than page after page of text - but it is also a visual asset with big implications in the field of search engine optimization. Forrester Research found that video is 50 times more likely to receive organic page ranks than a comparable amount of text content, which goes to show just how much of an impact wise deployment of video can have on your page’s search prominence.

The same applies to more traditional digital marketing channels. A study released by Syndacast showed that emails with the word “video” in the subject line enjoyed clickthrough rates that were 65% higher than those without. In fact, the same study predicted that almost three-quarters of all inbound traffic to pages will be coming from video content by 2017. This movement is not one that businesses in Kansas City can afford to miss out on.

Of course, the benefit of video content goes far beyond this. Deploying videos on your site gives you a canvas on which to develop your own unique brand identity, and affords you a platform via which to reflect the ethos and values of your organization. Text, infographics and standard images are all vital to the formation of a rich and clearly defined identity, but none of these media have the kind of instant impact and potential for client-engagement that video can claim.

The fact is, users and prospects are spoiled for choice when it comes to retailers and service providers that they find online. The dilemma for modern business owners involves how to deliver content to potential clients in a way which will grab their attention and secure their business, without diluting your message. Video is ideal for achieving this; painting a rich and vibrant picture of your organization and the benefits you can provide in one or two short minutes could be the difference between landing a new client and losing ground on your competition.