Alchemy, the small but rugged award-winning production company is seeking Summer production and post-production interns to work on a variety of projects including short documentaries, a non-fiction series, and a talk show podcast for artists & entrepreneurs. This internship will provide experience in all aspects of filmmaking, from pre-production, through production to editing, self-distribution, and marketing. 

We are open to considering candidates interested in a variety of areas including social media, camera operation, VR/ 360 production, editing, motion graphics, and much more! Tremendous opportunity to network and learn about filmmaking and documentary.

We are looking for candidates who are responsible, resourceful, diligent and self motivated! Interns will meet 1-2 times a week, working at their leisure as well as scheduled production shoots. We quite often hire people who start as interns. Looking for people who can start in May & June! 

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You will have the ability to do different roles, just looking at your preference.
Its ok if you're just starting out. We train as well :)
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